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Highland Bp., Ltd was established on February 27, 2019, Business registration certificate number: 3801195652 Binh Phuoc Department of Planning and Investment. Charter capital is 10.5 billion VND.

We located at: Thuan Hoa Hamlet 2 – Thuan Loi Commune – Dong Phu District – Binh Phuoc Province on an area of 11,000 m2 right on the provincial road 741, which is very convenient for transportation.

We got advantage of the available material in Vietnam, which is desiccated coconut shells, to produce coconut shell charcoal – a natural charcoal that has excellent heat generation and does not contain harmful gaseous components to human health.

In order to produce products, the production process of coconut shell charcoal is also very strictky from the raw material chosen to the burning, activation by many physical and chemical agents according to modern technology. In the process of burning in aerobic control (lack of oxygen) will destroy the amount of smoke, not produce odor, which is the advantage of coconut shell charcoal compared to others.

Coconut shell charcoal products are very popular in the market because of the following advantages:

  • Smokeless, High heating and even distribution
  • No chemicals
  • No harmful smell
  • Complete burning
  • Safety for users’ health
  • Quick ignition (just takes minutes to light)
  • Long burning time
  • Reasonable price

The company’s products have been certified by | “ISO 9001-2015” “Quacert” “Vinacontrol” said that safety for sea transportation, wihout harmful chemicals

With the mission of “Green energy for green life”, we are committed to providing the market with announced quality products.


Coconut shell charcoal is produced from the main raw material is dried coconut shells that have been burned anaerobically to eliminate smoke, an agricultural waste that does not participate in the reduction of forest areas, but is a type of energy capable of generating heat extremely good, does not contain harmful gas components to human health.

The product is also used indoors due to its superior properties: smokeless – odorless – low ash – no chemicals – no harmful odors – quick ignition – long burning time – high heat, radiating All – Reasonable price.

Using Coconut Shell Charcoal not only clean but also save and built greener environment (combustibility 3.5 times higher than conventional coal).

Our products are registered trademarks under the names : “Tche Tchello””Dahab””Coco Zero””Coco Sha””Highland cool”


Our factory located in Thuan Hoa hamlet, Thuan Loi commune, Dong Phu district, Binh Phuoc province officially started production in April 2020.

This is two-member limited liability Company, the Chairman is a decision maker

The Board of Directors consists of 02 members, 06 members of middle management, the rest are direct laborers.


On an area of nearly 2 hectares , the factory built a closed line , with a production capacity of 15 tons of finished products / day.

Divisions :

  • Packing
  • Production
  • Milling
  • Oven
  • Mechanic

We provide housing for workers in need to ensure a regular workforce..

Implementing the “Green” criterion The factory uses a solar energy system to reduce heat and take advantage of renewable energy sources, vegetable and fruit gardens are also deployed to have space for the working environment.


The input material of the factory is DRY COCONUT shell, which has been burned anaerobically to remove smoke. Vietnam’s abundant local raw materials help us maintain production, ensure the localization rate of products and increase competitive advantage.

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