Charcoal NACRE


Charcoal Nacre is made from the main material is coconut shell. This is a clean charcoal product specialized in BBQ grill, completely natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic hookah.

HighLandBP’s Charcoal Nacre is produced on modern lines, so it has many outstanding advantages compared to other products currently on the market.

Currently, coconut shell charcoal is known as the type of charcoal used in BBQ grill in restaurants, bars or used in the home.

Plentiful size

To meet the many needs of customers, Square Coconut Shell Charcoal is produced by HighLandBP with many sizes suitable for many purposes of customers.

4.0CM X 5.0CM

Features of coconut shell charcoal

Coconut shell charcoal with many outstanding characteristics compared to ordinary coal